Golden Omega is starting the commissioning of its Omega 3 concentrates production facility


Golden Omega will launch a line of Omega 3 concentrates from its new factory located in Arica in northern Chile, close to the fisheries and the fish oil processing plants. Currently, the Company is starting the commissioning of its production facility and the final start up will occur by the end of this year.

Golden Omega counts on a complete vertically integrated production line from fish to Omega 3 products. This assures an abundant supply of fresh high quality fish oil from sustainable sources with 100% traceability and a reduced ecological footprint since final products and not the raw materials oil will be transported to the different markets.

Golden Omega is owned by Orizon and Corpesca, two leading Chilean fishing companies producing the majority of Chilean fish oil with high content of EPA/DHA, and Härting Group, owner of Arboris, the world´s leading Phytoesterol producer.

The new plant and the onsite pilot plant are built to FDA pharmaceutical standards and are equipped with state of the art technology whose production will render ultra refined concentrates without fish odor or flavor. The current product portfolio will range from natural oil with 30% of EPA/DHA to concentrates up to 60% EPA/DHA. Samples of these products –elaborated in the onsite pilot plant- will be soon available.

Golden Omega will operate with a Pharmaceutical Quality System (ICHQ10) that is based on ISO quality concepts and that includes GMP for Active Pharma Ingredients (APIs) (ICHQ7), the guidelines for Development of Pharmaceutical Products (ICHQ8) and for Quality Risk Management (ICHQ9).

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