Golden Omega is committed with the following sustainable management principles:

Innovation management approach and culture

Our value proposal relies in the development and implementation of effective technology innovations in the world of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Efficient and environmental friendly operations
  • We maintain an ongoing, long term commitment to environmental protection and the
    sustainable management of resources. This includes actions that exceed compliance with current regulations, as well as active cooperation with national authorities and organizations.
  • Golden Omega has complete traceability of our raw material (fish oil). Each of our raw material suppliers are certified by IFFO RS and Friend of the Seas certification programs as responsible in their source and production activities. Golden Omega is part of the Chain of Custody of Friend of the Seas certification.
  • Golden Omega has been performing an Environmental Monitoring Program since 2011 to
    ensure that its operation doesn’t leave any footprint into the sea.
  • There is no oil waste in our production process: oil fractions that are not transformed into a
    finished good are sold as by-products for use into different industrial applications. We promote
    R&D activities to add even more value to our by-products
Labor practices
The primary driving force of Golden Omega is their employees, it maintains a firm commitment to their occupational health and safety. Golden Omega also fosters the conditions required for the development of all their members by promoting a work environment that is based on values such as respect and honesty, as well as professional quality, training and team work.
Community engagement
We maintain a firm commitment to contribute to overcome poverty and improve the living conditions of the population’s more vulnerable sectors by developing various initiatives in this direction.