Golden Omega has brought a refreshing air to the Omega-3 field based on unique strategical advantages, a superior quality level and a strong service orientation.

Direct to the Source

Golden Omega’s facility is strategically and uniquely located in Arica, the northern-most city in Chile, on the border with Peru. This is in the middle of the richest pelagic fishery center in the world, in the South Pacific Ocean.

This key advantage allows us to have access to high quality raw material (crude fish oil) which is the starting point of our quality. We use in our Omega-3 concentrates 100% Wild-Caught fish from these waters, bought directly from selected Friend of the Sea and Marin Trust certified fishing companies, without the use of intermediate traders.

We have full traceability and the most efficient raw material supply chain.

Member of Empresas Copec

The two main shareholders of Golden Omega, the fishing companies Corpesca and Orizon, in turn belong to one of the largest corporations in Chile, Empresas Copec. This is an important back up for Golden Omega and gives us the possibility to work with a long-term orientation.

State-of-the-art-facility and Pilot Plant

Golden Omega has installed a facility with the latest available technology from Europe for the
processing of Omega-3 oils. This includes a pilot plant for R&D purposes which is a replica of the production facility.

R&D Orientation

The third shareholder of Golden Omega, the chemical group Härting, has a vast experience of more than 30 years in the processing of fatty acids and is the owner of Arboris, the largest producer of phytosterols in the world. Härting has contributed to Golden Omega with 3 new generations of patents, two for purification and one for concentration. Härting is also leading the R&D department of Golden Omega, which is taking purity and quality of Omega-3 concentrates to the next level.

A Step Beyond in Purity & Quality

All the above mentioned key advantages of Golden Omega translate into purity and quality.

  • Extremely low in contaminants and heavy metals
  • Very low on Cholesterol
  • Extremely low level of oxidation parameters (Totox typically below 5)
  • The best sensory profile
  • Extremely clear Omega-3 concentrates

Service Orientation

Our motivation is to work closely with our clients in the development of their Omega-3 products. Golden Omega’s full team is committed to a strong service orientation, we want to make our clients feel that they have partner in Golden Omega.