The Department of Quality Control at Golden Omega is responsible to certify the release of products only after thorough analysis according to stringent specifications, methods and procedures developed and validated according to international guidelines such as European Pharmacopoeia, USP, AOCS and GOED.

The determination of compositional parameters and a selected set of tracer contaminants is carried out routinely by our team of experienced analysts in the Quality Control laboratory, having the training and analytical capabilities for testing raw materials, intermediates and final products using a wide range of techniques:

External testing for compliance to national and international regulations, as well as particular demands by clients, is also managed by the Department of Quality Control.

In collaboration with the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) and the Trace Element Speciation Laboratory of the University of Aberdeen (UK), the Department of Quality Control at Golden Omega is committed to the research and development of innovative analytical techniques for the advanced characterization of Omega-3 concentrates resulting in the publication of two peer-reviewed papers in leading scientific journals:

  • Investigation of chemical modifiers for the direct determination of arsenic in fish oil using high-resolution continuum source graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. Talanta 150 (2016) 142-147.
  • Arsenic containing medium and long chain fatty acids in marine fish oil identified as degradation products using reversed-phase HPLC-ICP-MS/ESI-MS. J. Anal. At. Spectrom. 31 (2016) 1836-1845